Lady Liberty Speaks

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(words by Hali Hammer, music by Hali Hammer and Randy Berge)

I have stood here in this harbor – near one hundred forty years
Torch hoisted high, with an expression proud
And I’ve seen generations disembark upon this land
In awe, as though they’d stepped on hallowed ground

Affixed upon my podium there is a poem that reads
– “Give me your tired, your poor”
Ah, but I’ve been feeling poorly, and tired I have grown
To see what now is happening on my shore

I really cannot understand the way that things have changed
How immigrants are treated in this way
I wish the masses could be huddled ‘neath the green folds of my skirt
To breathe a little easier for a day

(Instrumental verse)

And yes, there has been bigotry, too often there is cruelty
Now rising exponentially in our land of opportunity
This explosion, now, of hatred, this propulsion now of scorn
Makes me feel the copper crown I wear might as well be made of thorns

So I cry out for the children abused and scared and caged
And weep to think of how we’ve fallen so far the wrong way
White power and no gun control, divisions, primal fears
While salt spray rising from the sea helps camouflage my tears
While salt spray rising from the sea helps camouflage my tears

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