(Hali Hammer)

It was not so long ago that the earth had rich and poor
With the ecosystem on a doomsday route
There was suffering galore, pollution plagued the shores
And it seemed we’d gone too far down to dig out

     But still we forged ahead with great resolve
     - Expanding research for space exploration
     Till now all the planet’s problems have been solved
     Due to breakthrough scientific innovation

Every roof has solar panels, whirling windmills dot the hills
Electric meters rust on basement floors
And since oil is not a fueler, we are rid of greedy rulers
For many years, the world has seen no wars

     The schools have all the money that they need
     Universal education right through college
     The prison buildings all have gone to seed
     As everyone’s delighted to acknowledge

There’s a shorter working day and a higher minimum wage
Food’s plentiful and health care now is free
All the globe’s learned how to share, and with no anger or despair
There is no crime and all live happily

     Yes, the world’s a better place - No one running a rat race
     We just cruise around in biodiesel cars
     You see, everything’s improved with so many folks removed…
     Since we sent all the Republicans to Mars!