(Hali Hammer)

Who, day & night, with delusions of grandeur
Feeds the masses pap, promotes his daily crap
And who plays at war while troops are out there dying
While he’s lying through the nose?
     GW, that troubling’ patrician
     The jerk who says it’s hard work - patrician

Who must know the way to toe the party line?
And play hard-line without a spine?
A Secretary of Deceit set in the plot
So those in power can call all the shots
     The Condy, the toady…ambition
     Regards the Prez fondly from her…position

At 3 a.m. I’m here on watch
At 10 I’m bored and scared
I hear that now they’ve extended my tour of duty
     The soldier, patroller…commission
     The bombers get bolder, a perilous…mission

And who is there to protest, to march and to dissent
Prepared to fight for what is right and voice their discontent?
     The Lefties, the Lefties - petition
     Berefties, due to this - perdition!

Still no revolution, what is the solution?
Wanting everyone to get up off their (hmm)
And not sit around for more years in a coma
How can we get the time to pass?
     Sedition, sedition, sedition!
     Sedition, sedition, sedition!!!