(New words ©2001 by Hali Hammer, Original words by Katharine Lee Bates, Music by Samuel A. Ward)

Oh beautiful for spacious skies - For amber waves of grain
For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain
     America, America – Let all of us be free
     To spread sister & brotherhood From sea to shining sea

Oh beautiful for native tribes Who welcomed to their fold
The pilgrims who without them Would have perished from the cold
     America, America – Where immigrants have thrived
     Beneath the torch of Liberty That we must keep alive

Oh beautiful our heroes proved – Whose honor was their life
The firefighters at the Towers And those who eased the strife
     America, America – Never forget the power
     Of hearts that held the light of love Even in our darkest hour

Oh beautiful for patriot dream – To worship as we please
The Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Jew - The Pagan and the Sikh
     America, America – we share our faiths with thee
     And all belong to sing your song
     From sea to shining sea
     And all belong to sing your song
     From sea to shining sea.